I am an audio producer in New York.

Current Work

The Queen from Slate Podcasts

I’m working with host Josh Levin, the national editor at Slate, to produce a four-part narrative miniseries based on his book, The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth. It’s about Linda Taylor, who was nicknamed the “welfare queen” in the 1970s, giving rise to a stereotype that persisted while Taylor herself was mostly forgotten.

Past Projects

Katie Couric Podcast from Stitcher Media

On contract, I produced the interview podcast hosted by Katie Couric and political journalist Brian Goldsmith. In my tenure we featured interviews with Al Gore, Hugh Jackman, America Ferrera, Jia Tolentino, and Rebecca Traister, among others.

We Came to Win from Gimlet Media

I was a producer on the small team that made “We Came to Win,” a series of standalone documentaries about the World Cup’s greatest moments and the untold stories behind them. Hosted by Nando Vila.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know from Dubner Productions

I was a producer of the journalistic game show podcast and live event hosted by Stephen J. Dubner (of Freakonomics Radio).

Freakonomics Radio from Dubner Productions & WNYC

While a producer at TMSIDK (see above), I produced an episode of Freakonomics Radio called “The Demonization of Gluten.” It’s about the history and science of celiac disease, how the gluten-free diet trend affects the economy, and my own journey with a diagnosis and un-diagnosis.

Ahead of Their Time from FiveThirtyEight’s Hot Takedown

I lead-produced two episodes of a data-driven narrative miniseries about athletes, coaches, and teams that were ahead of the curve. One of my episodes was about Peaches Bartkowicz, the first woman to take the two-handed backhand to the top of women’s tennis. The other episode was about the first Russian hockey players to play in the NHL, and the coach who became their biggest believer and supporter, Mike Smith.

Dunkumentaries from ESPN Films

I led production of this 5-episode podcast miniseries, which was ESPN’s first foray into narrative audio storytelling. (I’m practically a dunking expert at this point, but no, shockingly, I can’t dunk.)

VinePair Podcast from Vinepair

I co-produced a pilot season of a narrative podcast about wine, beer, and spirits.

Modern Notion Daily from Modern Notion

I produced a daily podcast and radio show about science and history. The co-hosts and I interviewed all kinds of interesting personalities, from astronaut Chris Hadfield and machine learning expert Pedro Domingos to LGBT scholar Lillian Faderman.

Freelance Work

For BackStory with the American History Guys (5.7.15):

For PRI’s The World (1.28.15):

For PRI’s The World (11.25.14):

For PRI’s The World (7.2.14):

For Vox Tablet, the weekly podcast of Tablet Magazine (6.23.14):

For the BBC Food Programme (6.8.14)—story starting at 13:05:

For Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds (6.1.14):

For PRI’s The World (3.24.14):

Other things you should know

I graduated from the radio and multimedia program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. I’m also a University of Pennsylvania alumna & the founder of Penn Appétit.

Reach out!

I am looking for long-term and freelance opportunities in audio storytelling, including tape syncs in the New York City area, so please get in touch if you’d like to chat: emma.r.morgenstern [AT] gmail.com

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